The Children and The Jumpy Rabbit

 The Children and The Jumpy Rabbit

Tears of Regret

Father and Son Planting Future

A Father and a Son Planting a Future

It’s not a Perfect World

 In a perfect world, there would be a very profitable growing private sector business and a very efficient small government performing social support and security system for all, including unemployment and health benefits. And in a perfect world business and Government would divide responsibilities among themselves.  Business manages the economy during peacetime and stability, while the government interferes during wars and natural or man-made disasters.

A Shiny Coin in a Stingy Pocket

“Whenever I get upset, sad or depressed, I take refuge in memories of those early days of my beginning;

Remembering My Brother Haj Raad

Two Years Later:

Memorable experience at Iraqi ER

During the summer of 1966, my appendix became so painful that it required immediate medical attention.  I told my father that I would like to have the operation done at the Central Public Hospital. He refused to allow me to attend a public hospital because we were a middle class family and we could afford to be treated at a private hospital.  But I was a populist; I explained to my father that I am not the type of kid that wanted to be treated like an elitist. I wanted to experience medical treatment like ordinary people, whether it was great or miserable, simple or complicated, successful or failure.

Supporting Al-Abadi’s Campaign Against Corruption

The Iraqi lefties are proud that they were the first to implement the anti-corruption Campaign unabated.

The Death of Superpowers

The US will remain the strongest nation for a long time to come. But the rise of Russia, China, and Germany is undermining the concept of the Sole Superpower on earth.  We have four equally strong players in the international theater now.  However, the twenty first century will be flagged as the century that “Superpowers” lost their obedient followers and smaller countries learned to shift their allegiance and negotiate their loyalty for highest bid. 

Privatization of Iraq Economy


The Iraqi Marshlands (Al-Ahwar)

Congratulations to all Iraqis, in particular the Iraqi people who live or used to live in the Southern Marshland. This good news is the result of the sincere efforts of many organizations and individuals who worked in different stages and times, and in a variety of capacities. To name a few; I will mention my friend Azzam Alwash who devoted his full energy to this cause, Dr. Hasan Al-Janabi who wrote and work after 2003 to revive the live in the Marshland, the members of Iraqi Civilian Aid (London), UNESCO, and also many wetland experts and environmental advocates. The UNESCO decision to list the Iraqi Marshland as a protected territory is not a privilege as many people may have interpreted. It puts a higher responsibility on the federal and local government. It puts more responsibilities on the environment activists, the local tribal leaders and landlords. The UNESCO decision calls for the protection and the preservation of this rich natural, cultural, and historical environment. And to prevent it from being wrongly exploited as a tourist attraction, or reckless oil exploration and extraction.

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